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19 JUNE 2016


The Bagehot Memorial Fund regret to announce that the forthcoming Bagehot Debate, due to be held on Saturday 25 June at Huish Sixth Hall, has had to be cancelled.  We apologise to all those who were planning to attend. 

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Link here.

24 FEBRUARY 2015


The Langport community is being invited to submit questions to all the candidates for Somerton & Frome at the Langport Hustings on Tuesday 24 March at Huish Episcopi Academy.  Forms are available for various offices and shops in the Langport area, as well as online here.  HURRY!  The deadline for receipt of submitted questions is noon on Thursday 19 March.  So don't delay, and ask away!

The Langport Hustings is organised by the Bagehot Memorial Fund, with the support of Langport Town Council, Langport Leveller newspaper and Langport Area Business Group.

12 JANUARY 2015


Even when just a young man, Bagehot had an acute journalistic sense, and could pen arresting thoughts and phrases.  When visiting Paris just after  Louis Napoleon's coup d'état in December 1851, he wrote a serious of letters on the situation in France which were published in a British magazine.  In his third letter, dated 20 January 1852, he wrote about the essential quality of 'stupidity' for a free people: what we opprobriously call stupidity, though not an enlivening quality in common society, is Nature’s favourite resource for preserving steadiness of conduct and consistency of opinion." For the fuller quote, see here.

7 JANUARY 2015


In his classic work, The English Constitution (1867), Bagehot wrote about Magna Carta in the context of his view of the history and development of English constitutional law and practice.  He described it as:

"a great mixture of old and new; it was a sort of compact defining what was doubtful in floating custom  ..  In truth, such great “charters” were rather treaties between different orders and factions, confirming ancient rights, or what claimed to be such, than laws in our ordinary sense. They were the “deeds of arrangement” of mediæval society affirmed and re-affirmed from time to time, and the principal controversy was, of course, between the king and nation—the king trying to see how far the nation would let him go, and the nation murmuring and recalcitrating, and seeing how many acts of administration they could prevent, and how many of its claims they could resist.

For the full quote, see here, in the Bagehot Debate section.  The 2015 Bagehot Debate is, appropriately, on the theme of a new Magna Carta, and will be debated, even more appropriately, by two Barons.

24 December 2014


Young Walter studied for the bar in London, but did not always relish the life of a barrister.  “This strikes me more and more in law, that its difficulties are mainly difficulties of quantity," he wrote in a letter to his father in December 1848].  For the full quote, see here.

23 December 2014


 "My best idea of a holiday is half a dozen letters daily" So wrote Walter Bagehot in an 1862 letter.  See more here

16 December 2014


As usual, Walter had le mot juste when considering reforms of the banking system: “'Putting new wine into old bottles' is safe only when you watch the condition of the bottle, and adapt its structure most carefully.”  [Lombard Street, 1873] - see more here

11 December 2014

Bagehot Debate 2015: Two Barons to debate new Magna Carta

 In the 800th anniversary year of Magna Carta, the need for a new Magna Carta will be debated, appropriately, by two current Barons, Lord (Paul) Tyler and Lord (Philip) Norton.  They will be partnered by two star debaters from Huish Academy.  The Debate will be held on Saturday 6th June at Huish Episcopi Academy as part of the annual Langport Festival. More details will appear on the 'Bagehot Debate' section of this website.

5 December 2014

The Bagehot Memorial Fund is to run General Election Hustings in Langport for the marginal seat of Somerton & Frome on Tuesday 24 March at Huish Episcopi Academy.  All five candidates thus far declared as intending to stand at the 7 May general election have agreed to take part.  More details will appear on the 'HUSTINGS' section of this website.

19 April 2014

New Langport Information leaflet features Bagehot

Read about Langport Town Council's new tourist information leaflet, which contains much of interest to fans of Walter Bagehot.  Read it in the new 'Langport Info' section of this website- and then come and visit Langport!

8 April 2014

Get ready for the third Bagehot Debate!

Details have been announced of the third annual Bagehot Memorial Debate, sponsored by the Bagehot Memorial Fund and fast becoming a flagship event of the yearly Langport Community Festival.  Read more in the Debate section of this website.

5 April 2014

Further steady progress for Bagehot Memorial Fund

Read all about the Fund's activities and plans, discussed at its recent meeting in Langport, Somerset, in the attached press release here.

14 February 2014

Woodrow Wilson - Emilie Barrington correspondence September 1914

A short piece has just been added to the Woodrow Wilson section, 'His greatest fan' about the September 1914 exchange of letters between President Wilson at the White House and Emilie Barrington (Bagehot's sister-in-law and biographer) at Herd's Hill, Langport, regarding the death of Wilson's first wife, Ellen, and also discussing the start of the First World War.  Read 'Letter from America - and Langport' here, near the end of the page.  Feedback always welcome:

10 February 2014


The annual reports, and financial reports for the first two years of the Bagehot Memorial Fund are published today, here.

7 February 2014

New Bagehot Booklet Offer

The Bagehot Memorial Fund is now selling the new reprint of the 1996 classic pamphlet on the life and work of Walter Bagehot, written by Gordon Lee, a former senior editor at The Economist, A voice of sanity: Walter Bagehot 1826-1877.  Buy your copy, for only £5 (+P&P) now using the Order Form here. 

30 January 2014

Bagehot Memorial Fund: latest activities and future plans

Read all about the Fund's activities and plans, discussed at its meeting today in Langport Somerset, in the attached press release here.

21 January 2014


'Public engagement with Parliament' is said to be an important component for a modern Westminster.  Walter Bagehot put it very well more than a century ago: "The distinguishing quality of Parliamentary government is, that in each stage of a public transaction there is a discussion; that the public assist at this discussion.."  See the full 1872 quote here.

19 January 2014


Bagehot regarded poetry as 'the most surely and wisely elevating of human things'.  Read the rest of this 1864 quote here.

12 January 2014


Walter Bagehot apparently thought that people focus more narrowly on things as they get older, according to this quote from an 1856 article: "Small sciences are the labours of our manhood; but the round universe is the plaything of the boy." Read more here.

20 December 2013



From a letter of December 1856, just before Christmas, it seems that Bagehot, aged 30, was a workaholic, sceptical of holidays if they interfered with career: “As to holidays, it is one of the lessons of life to learn to be independent of them.” Read more here.

29 November 2013

Bagehot Memorial Fund: latest activities and future plans

Read all about the Fund's activities and plans, discussed at its meeting on 28 November in Langport Somerset, in the attached press release here.

24 November 2013


One of the reasons it is said why Walter Bagehot is not more widely known is that people - especially if they have seen his one portrait - saw him as, in Ruth Dudley Edwards' apt words,  "a solemn Victorian worthy who said grave things about the constitution." Yet Walter had his more romantic side, best seen in his billets doux to his future wife, Eliza Wilson.  In one, he wrote, "What nonsense it is about love being blind.  It sees so distinctly..."  For further extracts, see here, in the Walter's Wise Words section.

10 November 2013
Almost a century before the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963, Bagehot was writing about the killing of Abraham Lincoln in April 1865.  As the 50th anniversary of the JFK assassination approaches, Bagehot's words on "a very great and very lamentable event" resonate today, certainly relevant to contemporary reflections on the more recent tragedy.  For extensive extracts of Bagehot's article in The Economist of 29 April 1865, see here.

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Though Bagehot has maintained a world-wide reputation and relevance, he has been largely neglected in his home town.  Langport believes that it is time to commemorate properly his life and work, so that our town, our country and the world can fully appreciate him.
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