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     Drama increases language development, critical questioning, social skills, team building, articulation, self confidence and problem solving. Students learn tools to develop their voice and ways of expressing their voice to achieve a goal.  Working together, students use the arts to build community within the classroom and their global community.

An email was sent to all cast members that auditioned that filled out the audition form (as of 6:30 tonight) to let them know if they need to attend Call Backs.  Some casting decisions have already been made, including lead roles. There were a number of email addresses that did not go through.  Please check both parent and student email addresses that were submitted. If you did not receive an email at at one of those two addresses, please email Mrs. Doucette tonight with a correct address and it will be resent later this evening. 

Winter Musical 2017: 
Audition Workshop: Friday, Sept. 15*
Framingham Middle School Parent Meeting, Sept. 18 at 7pm at FHS
Auditions: Monday, Sept. 18 and Tuesday, Sept. 19**
First Rehearsal: Tuesday, Sept. 26

* All audition material will be posted online. If you are not able to attend, you may rehearse for the auditions independently. 

** If you are unable to attend because you take the late bus, you may arrange to audition during the school day. 


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Framingham Middle School Theatre 

     This site will include information about the Walsh Middle School Seventh and Eighth Grade Drama Curriculum. I will include due dates for major projects as well as project criteria. 
     Parents and students will also find important information about the Walsh afterschool Drama program as well. This year the Walsh musical production will be Godspell. The site menu to the left will provide links to audition forms, rehearsal schedules and production information.
     Please check back soon.
Metrowest Daily News Pictures of the Walsh Veterans Day Assembly Featuring Drama Students.
Veterans Day Assembly 
From left, 8th graders Chris Bradshaw, Gio Ortiz, Rony Cabrera, Eddie Lynch and Emanuel Rose moved the assembly with their recreation of the the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima. They are member of the Drama Class.

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