Ms. Nelson's Science Class

This year, 7Y Science is using the Summit Learning Platform.  All students and parents have been provided a Log In. The year will have 10 Power Focus Areas and 5 Projects.  There are hundreds of online resources in the PLP and students will be able to choose the resources that best suits their learning style. Below is a quick video to introduce you to our first area of study: Environmental Science!

YouTube Video



Cognitive Skills - 70%

Cognitive Skills refers to skills that are essential for students and increase their success beyond the classroom walls.  During class time, students will engage in Project-based learning.  These Projects are assessed through the acquisition and mastery of Cognitive Skills.  Each skill is scored on a standardized rubric.  In 7th grade, the highest score is a 4.5. Students will have the opportunity to revise work to improve their score.

Focus Areas - 30%

The academic content is presented to students through Focus Areas.  Students will work independently to acquire essential information about curriculum topics through a variety of online resources.  Students will be able to progress at their own pace and choose the resources that best suit their learning styles.  There are 10 Power Focus Areas that all students must complete in 7Y Science.  Six additional Focus Areas are included in the 7Y Science course.


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1. Environmental Science
2. Cells and The Human Body
3. Evolution
4. Motion, Energy and Heat