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7Z Math - Mrs. Aucoin

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Course Information:

7th grade math follows the Common Core State Standards, Massachusetts State standards, and the Framingham district curriculum map using the Glencoe Impact Series Course 2.  Students will have varied learning experiences.  They will work cooperatively in groups, with partners, and individually. Students will learn how to persevere through difficult and challenging tasks, relying on their knowledge, skills, and peers to come to a solution.

HW Info:  

Math homework is given on a weekly basis.  It is handed out on Friday and due the following Friday. Homework is graded on accuracy, not completion, so all students should take advantage of extra help and mid-week check ins.

Students have brought home a blue reference book that can be used to help complete homework. After school help is available Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Current weekly homework assignments can be downloaded using the file links at the top of the page, within the Remind banners.  Be sure to download the correct class.  Assignments more than one week past due will not be accepted.


Visit www.ixl.com for extra practice with math skills.  IXL will occasionally be used as an assignment for class and can always be used for additional practice.  A list of IXL standards that can be practiced (based on what has been covered in class) can be found here:

**Be sure you're practicing the seventh grade standards**

Review Standards:

A.1 - A.7 - Number Theory

B.1 - B.6, C.1 - C.9 - Integers and Integer Operations

D.1 - D.4, E.1 - E.11 - Decimals and Decimal Operations

F.1 - F.9, G.1 - G.18 - Fractions and Fraction Operations

J.1 - J.13 - Ratios, Rates, and Proportions          

K.1 - K.8 - Proportional Relationships

R.1 - R.11 -Variable Expressions

T.1 - T.8 - One-Variable Equations

U.1 - U.7 - One Variable Inequalities

V.1 - V.10 - Two-variable Equations

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