To celebrate one of my favorite seasons, here is my salute to our favorite "flower".

I included a couple of famous ones here - can you spot them? 

Just the Tip
(of the iceberg that is!)
When I update this page, I like to bring you news or reminders about sexual health and wellbeing with “interesting” or informative graphics to keep your attention and/or stimulate further research or discussion. This time, I will talk about the “favorite thing of our favorite thing”, the mysterious Orchid. The Walnutowners I typically work with either are or seeking to become experts with the “Everblooming Orchid” so I knew I had to share this “new” info with you asap.
Men and women have been studying eachother sexually for thousands of years.  Yet in all those years spent diligently exploring our anatomies,  many features of the human form are yet to be thoroughly explored and fully “discovered”.  Oddly enough, very little can be Googled about a discovery made back in 2009 which more than tripled our accumulated knowledge of everyone’s favorite sex-only organ, Ms. Clitoris.
In 2009 independent researchers, Buisson & Foldes, produced the first complete three dimensional sonogram of the stimulated clitoris, similar to those shown here.  In the few studies conducted in the past, no one had ever thought to examine her in her erect state.  This revealed that what we all believed was the enite clitoris herself turns out to be merely the tip (”glans”) that shows externally comprising less than 20% of the whole organ!
Thanks to Buisson & Foldes, we now understand how the erectile tissue of the clitoris engorges and surrounds the vagina -a complete breakthrough that explains how what we once considered to be a vaginal orgasm is actually an internal orgasm.  We also now understand why a few women are able to climax from intercourse only.
Yes, I know, I know this stuff is pretty technical for those of you visiting this page for the first time so here are some pictures to show the more exciting parts recently discovered by the MRI below on the left.
On the above right, I have colored in the “new” parts that we fans of female genitalia are most immediately concerned with -especially you "Blackbelt Cunnilinguists".  For many of you, the above helps to consolidate what you have already learned on your own in the quest to blow your partner’s mind or as an Orchid-owner exploring and discovering her own body.  The research through which we discovered the other 80% of Ms. Clitoris shines a bright, much needed light upon yesterday’s bigger mysteries like the still debated G-spot (the clitoral “crotch”), female ejaculation (prostatic fluid excreted by the Paraurethral Ducts) and the how/why of the elusive “vaginal orgasm”  (leg & bulb swelling stimulates Ms. Clit on a subterranean level).
If all this is too complicated and you prefer to keep things simple, you can still earn subsequent opportunities by just continually making it clear to her that she is beautiful and desireable and always remember “Less is More” so be very gentle with her junk.  If she wants more pressure or force, she’ll pull on your ears!