My intentions for this page were to gather your comments/stories/adventures in trying to obtain testosterone supplementation with interference from doctors, pharmacies and medical insurance carriers. I also hope to hear from those of you who sailed right through this process -specifically, the name of your caring and supportive insurance carrier.

Please do send along your advice if you have triumphed over your insurance company or if your womenfolk have been similarly hassled when trying to obtain H.R.T. (estrogen, usually but sometimes testosterone too). 

I would love to hear about any of your experiences with low testosterone -how low was your Testosterone when you first received your prescription, how long before you noticed improvement, any changes to your libido, did your wife grow a beard from sleeping too close to you after you "juiced up", stuff like that too.

Your emails give me starting points for additional research and sometimes I share paraphrased and/or distilled versions of your contribution, anonymized of course.

I look forward to reading from you @ walnutsaver@gmail.com