According to the C.D.C., Prostate cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in men.  In fact, it is estimated that more than 238,590 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year alone and fewer than 13% will die.  On average, an American man has a 30% risk of having prostate cancer in his lifetime, but only a 3% risk of dying of the disease.

The other good news is that among all racial and ethnic groups, prostate cancer death rates are declining. Perhaps the most encouraging prostate cancer statistic is that more men die with prostate cancer than from prostate cancer.

**I have only one thing to say about prostate cancer:
Please, please, please get a 2nd and 3rd opinion
before having any kind of prostatectomy.**



Recent studies are concluding that daily consumption of nuts can cut your risk of heart disease by more than 50% and research is now showing that who eat more nuts are on the whole thinner, have lower levels of LDL cholesterol, better bones, lower risk for cancer, inflammation, diabetes, dementia, advanced macular degeneration, gallstones, stroke, diabetes, dementia, to mention just a few of the health benefits of eating nuts.

Almonds, cashews, brazil nuts, pistachios, pecans and of course, walnuts are among the best for great sexual health. For those of you who suffer from chronic C.R.S. like me and those who prefer to keep things simple, below is a quick visual reminder of the three best nuts for your sex life.


The Walnut is often used to describe a healthy prostate which is a “walnut-shaped gland” in men. Inexpensive and easily available, walnuts provide significant protection against heart disease, increase libido, sperm quality and testosterone. As if that weren't enough, walnuts are also a safe alternative for Viagra, Cialis, etc.


Brazil nuts boost testosterone levels and libido, improve sperm quality, provide significant protection from prostate and other cancers. Switch out Viagra, Cialis, etc. for this safe, cheap alternative which requires no Rx.  The Brazil Nut is such a hardcore bad ass, that daily intake should not exceed three whole nuts. Do not buy in bulk as they do spoil more quickly than most other nuts.


Pecans lower cholesterol & blood pressure; help to prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, prostate & breast cancer; alleviate BPH symptoms, aid weight control and increase testosterone and libido.


I just love black and white photography, don't you? It seems to do magical things with human flesh and fluids. I placed this awesome photo here to catch your eye for a minute. When you have drunk your fill of its beauty, please stay awhile.

I hope my brief summaries here will aid your own research.



Why is prostate cancer still maiming and killing way too many men? Because men don’t talk to each other! Sharing about your experiences with prostate cancer, your own adventures with trial & error, second opinions and other men's health issues can save lives.

Saving lives is very manly so please speak up and help a brother out.



is the very best cure



Ejaculate no less than twice a week.  Seriously. According to both the U.S. and the Australian studies, men who ejaculate every other day are 36% less likely to have prostate issues.  Yes, masturbation counts too.

As of 2014, additional studies on this area are under way so I am looking forward to new findings confirming what I have been telling walnutowners for almost 5 years now.



No, not that kind of opportunity! Until you walnutowners learn to share facts and thoughts verbally with eachother, here’s something you can do to get a quick idea of how well your walnut is doing. 

Next time you’re at a urinal with someone who is roughly the same age you are, WITHOUT looking at his junk, notice whether it takes one of you a lot longer to void his full bladder.  If you’re the slowpoke, it’s time to ask yourself:
When was the last time I ejaculated?
Have I been averaging twice a week at least?
Where can I carve out time to up my average?
How soon can I get in to see the Walnutsaver?
If you are less than stealthy at this and you do end up facing a confrontation, ask your co-pisser for three minutes before the beating begins so you can explain exactly what you were doing… following your doctor’s advice. If he calls bullshit, just show the gentleman my site on your smartphone. This is your chance to practice sharing.

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