Understanding eachother is so important to the therapy process, that I have listed here the terms I have learned in the process of talking about sexuality.
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Please let me know if I have missed any terms that should be shown here that are not listed.
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TermIn Other Words
Andropause "Male Menopause" 
B.P.H. Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia -non-cancerous enlargement of the prostate gland 
Breasts Bazooms, boobs, chesticles, jugs, naughty pillows, tits, ta-ta's,  
C.F.N.M. Clothed Female, Nude Male 
C.R.S. Syndrome Can't Remember Shit Syndrome (typically starts @ age 40) 
D.A.T.Y. "Dining At The Y", Cunnilingus, "Going Downtown", "The Buffet", Eating 
D.O. "Deliberate Orgasm", intentionally NON-simultaneous orgasms for optimum pleasure 
Genitalia -FEMALE Vagina, She, Her, Vag, Nether-lips, Jyne, Flower, Twat, Cooch, Punani, Yoni 
Genitalia -MALE Junk, Gear, Package, Reproductive System, The Men 
H.W.P. Height & Weight Proportionate 
Hydration Moisturize, Skin Care 
Last Minute Larry Same-Day appointment maker who gets mad when I cannot accommodate. 
M.I.L.F. "Mom I'd Like to Fuck", Lady Next Door type 
Penis Lingam, Wand of Light, The Major-General, Cock, Dick, Unit 
Personal Exit Strategies PRE-DIVORCE COUNSELING, Couplehood Survival Skills, Couples Counseling 
Physical Therapy Treatments involving touch, physical contact 
Plowing Anal penetration with either a phallus or a phallic object 
Plump Realistic Curves, Thick, Sturdy 
Pre-Ejaculate Nectar, Pre-Cum, Drool, Prostatic Fluid 
Premature Ejaculation P.E., "easily excited", "increasing ejaculatory control" 
Pre-Orgasmic Having not yet experienced orgasm of any kind, from any source. 
Prostate Walnut, Sudha Knot, P-Spot, "Male G-Spot" 
Psychotherapy "Talk Therapy", Relationship Counseling 
Pussy Feline or a Coward 
Semen Cum, Sacred Sauce, Baby Batter, Jizz, Nut, Seed, Spooge 
Testicles Brazil Nuts, Dumplings, Balls, Boys, "The Troops", 'nads, Bollocks, Cojones, Nuts 
W.H.A.C. W_alnut H_ealing A_rts C_enter 
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