Lingam Massage (The "Ala Carte")

The Sanskrit word for the male sexual organ is "Lingam" and is loosely translated as “Wand of Light.”  Its meaning is different from the typical Western view of the penis.   In Sacred Sexuality, the Lingam is respected and honored.  It is a “Wand of Light” that channels creative energy and pleasure. Lingam massage is the ritual of honoring and healing this part of the body. Touching the penis not from a place of arousal and orgasm but from a joy and wonder of this beautiful part of the body. Ejaculation is not the goal of Lingam massage however it is a most enjoyable side effect. The goal is to massage the Lingam, testicles and perineum, allowing the man to surrender to a form of pleasure he may not be used to.  Men need to learn to RELAX and RECEIVE  -a non-traditional role for most men who have grown up understanding that he is the "host" or M.C. whenever he has sex with a partner.  Even the healthy practice of masturbation can tend to be very "goal-oriented".

Because of traditional sexual conditioning, many men find it challenging to simply receive pleasure from his Lingam, completely free from reciprocation or responsibility for his partner’s experience. Lingam Massage provides an appropriate setting for a man to relax, receive and learn the basics of Deliberate Orgasm. I get to experience the joy of facilitating and witnessing him surrender to his gentler, more receptive side.  This is an excellent process to build trust, intimacy, confidence and can be very helpful to men healing from negative sexual conditioning and trauma.  The entire process helps with E.D., premature or delayed ejaculation, improving sexual stamina and helping you to enjoy your sexuality to the greatest extent possible.  

Lingam & Prostate Massage (“The Combo”)

Both the "Ala Carte" and the "Combo" begin with Lingam Massage but with “The Combo”, your backside gets the royal treatment too.  Prostate Massage begins with digital anal stimulation and will typically proceed all the way up to penetration, milking and if desired “plowing”.  For extra reach, I have a few "tools" I often use should you choose to let me share them with you.  Whether you are seeking extra prevention for the health of your “walnut” or just looking for assistance with pleasuring that part of your body, I am your best choice for a fun, nurturing, careful, pain-free experience.

Yoni Massage & Body Image Therapy
This starts with a full-body moisturizing rubdown for females by a heterosexual female. The rest of the session is customized to her needs depending on which area(s) she is wanting to develop -for example, orgasm coaching, guidance and support for body-image acceptance or sexual independence, adult sex education, etc.  If you have no specific needs or goals in mind, then the rubdown is followed by a Yoni massage which will be performed under your directions.  To date, sadly, I am the only heterosexual female in this and adjacent counties providing FBSM with optional "happy ending" included for everyone with female genitalia.

Couples' Therapy or Training Sessions
Based upon information or requests from your emails prior to your appointment, these sessions are 100% custom which makes description here difficult. Some of my past sessions have included somatic sex coaching, counseling/training for couples who are interested in further developing intimacy, increasing pleasure and learning to talk to each other in a sexual context.  I have met a few of the happiest couples through these sessions which typically involve training Mrs. to perform prostate massage on Mr. after he decides he likes it or sharing new methods for Mr. to pleasure Mrs.


With lots of warmth, empathy, acceptance and of course humor!  I am older, wiser and know how to get the most fun out of every situation.  I have many years of counseling experience, specializing in relationships, positive self-image work, gratitude training and of course sexuality. According to the latest info, I am what is currently called an "Intuitive Somatic Sexologist".

I am also an artist (acrylic, digital and photography) whose favorite subject matter is the human body.  My personal tastes run toward the twisted end of the spectrum so there really is nothing you can say to embarrass or alienate me!  
Co-pays for consultations which include the standard therapies shown above are:
$120 Lingam Massage (ala carte)
$150 Lingam & Prostate Massage (combo)

$120 Yoni Massage & Body Image Therapy
$150 Couples' Therapy or Training Sessions
Minimum appointment is 60 minutes.  Unless specifically arranged, all appointments are an hour long.

Co-payments are due in cash only at the beginning of your appointment. I do not bill insurance but discounts are offered for monthly or weekly patients and active military.


To accommodate those with very restricted schedules, I have added Saturday morning on to my weekly schedule and by advance appointment only.   Appointments are one hour and must be scheduled by email at least 12 hours in advance.  Due to confidentiality & privacy concerns, there are no walkins ever.  Same day appointments occur only for those who are already on the standby list waiting for a cancellation.

For Dads, Husbands & Others with Curfews, appointments during daylight hours are at a premium so it is best to plan ahead and book early so you can get your choice of appointment times and so your boys have time to get nice and full for me.
Minimum of 8 hours prior notice of cancellation is appreciated.


The "Walnut Healing Arts Center" (W.H.A.C.) is located in Anaheim, about 3 miles mile east of the other "happiest place on earth".  From my window, I have an excellent view of the northbound Katella exit off the 57 freeway.  As a practitioner of "Personal Exit Strategies & Relationship Counseling", my office is not labeled to protect  our privacy. For privacy & security purposes, the door is kept locked at all times and sessions are strictly by appointment only.  There are no walk-in's ever. 

If you will be more than five minutes late, please text or email me with your adjusted ETA.  If you arrive early, please knock only if I have confirmed that we can begin early. 


If I am to continue saving walnuts and marriages on the downlow, my superhero identity and hidden lair must remain secret and separate from my life as a mild-mannered mom and wife.  For that reason, there are only discreet photos of me posted here for verification that I am female because I require just as much privacy and confidentiality as you do.
Feel free to email me photos (rated G through XXX) of yourself anytime, however requests for additional photos of myself other than those posted below will not receive a response.

 As a relationship counselor and a "Somatic Sexologist", it is my priority to help you enjoy your body and sexuality to the fullest extent possible.  If it matters, I am also Asian, strudy-built, fifty something with unenhanced 38-DD's.  I typically wear PG-13 lingerie.
Please feel free to bring your favorite porn (your laptop, phone or tablet), toys, stockings for your legs only, or any other lingerie you like to wear.   I always enjoy learning about and watching what turns you on.  
I do not require you to be physically attractive or H.W.P. just of legal age, discrete, with good hygiene and sense of humor.  By the way, shouting or repeating a joke makes it less funny so if you have one, please remember to bring your hearing aid.


Because it feels good and because a healthy walnut is a happy walnut and most of all because you deserve it.
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