Ford Camper Van For Sale - Chile or Peru

1974 Ford Econoline 300 Camper Van

The van was bought in January of 2010 in British Columbia Canada, from the second owner, with 115,722 miles on the original chassis, transmission and engine. After an extensive rebuilding process, we departed from Canada March 15, 2010 and have driven over 12,000 miles south through  North America, Central America and now into South America.  The van enabled us to camp for free on countless beaches, national parks, and other off the beaten path areas and meet a lot of great friends along the way.  In December of this year, our trip will have come to an end and we are hoping to sell the van to some adventurous travellers who hope to be enriched with similar experiences as we have had.
     With seating for 8 and a sleeping capacity inside the van for 3 or 4 people, this van is a world traveller's dream and is perfectly suited for a small family or 3 adult travellers.  This camper van is very comfortable for long journeys and features 2 extremely comfortable captain style chairs in the front and 2 large bench seats in the rear for 6 people to ride in style and comfort. 
    The van features a 6 speaker sound system, complete with CD/CDR/AUX deck, an amplifier, 2 "5 1/2" speakers in the front and 4 "6x9" speakers in the rear (2 of which are in a sealed box and can be moved around with ease).
    The Van has 2 large storage areas, a safe, and a 5 drawer plastic storage shelf. It has a propane stove, oven, and refrigerator powered by a 25 litre propane tank, all of which are in perfect working condition.   
    This 1974 Ford Camper Van is set on a one tonne, rear wheel drive frame with a 302 cubic inch V8 engine.  The front end is a king pin style, with new seals, bearings, and drum brake pads. The rear end was recently replaced and has new drum brake pads.  The drive shaft has completely new universal joints. The engine has a new distributor rotor, coil, plugs and wires.  The radiator was flushed and serviced and all of the older radiator and coolant hoses have been replaced and have new clamps.  The heater for the cab has a new heater core and a new fan motor for the colder driving days. 
Sale of the van includes:  A complete tool kit with a large assortment of spare parts, electrical connectors, lubricants, 2 spare tires and a variety of extra tie downs and straps.  A tent for 4 people, 2 sleeping bags, extra blankets, 2 small folding tables, 3 folding chairs, a tarp the acts as a quick and convenient awning and a large outdoor mat.  A BBQ, camp stove, extra propane bottles, plates, pots, pans, bowls, cutlery and other cooking utensils are also included.
Comfortable seating for up to six people on the rear bench seats. Including a removable table with two positions.
Option 1: Bench seats convert to large bed (wider then a double) perfect for a couple or young family.
Option 2: One of the bench cushions was designed to fit down the centre of the van, suitable for taller people or those that wish to have two separate beds . Second bed still suitable for two people.


Plenty of storage under both bench seats as well in the storage rack above (possible sleeping area for kids). Also there is a set of drawers for further storage.
Security safe (originally a gun safe) bolted to the frame allows for safe storage of cameras, laptops, passports, money and more.

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