Nike Air Trainer 1 (Low)

-Originally released in late 1987 alongside the Air Trainer High. The low model complimented the Higher cut release by providing an even lighter shoe to perform various activities in. Shown above is the 1987 Catalog photo from Nike.

The retro form didn't come until 2004 with the reintroduction of the original white/grey/grey/green colorway. The retro cycle only lasted a half dozen of so colorways and only two years

Catalog of all Nike Air Trainer 1 Low Retros


2004 & 2005:

Original colorway: 308873-001

Limited Overseas Safari: 309750-221 040810

Black/ Sable Green Premium: 309750-201 2005

White/Grey GR: 310096-101 2005

Euro Exclusive: 310096-002 050608

310096-101 2005

Woven Sample


*All photos taken from worldwide web. Thanks to whomever the original owners are.