Wallpaper Magica

Wallpaper Magica is a desktop wallpaper slideshow program. It was designed specifically for multi-monitor setups.

Wallpaper Magica Slideshow

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License: Free


WallpaperMagica.zip 50KB Version (Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4, tested on Windows 7 x64 and Windows XP)

There is no installer. Extract the ZIP file to wherever you want to run the program from.

To include the program on startup, create a shortcut in the Startup folder in your Start Menu. In the shortcut properties, set Run to Minimized.


WallpaperMagica_Linux.zip 48KB Version: Build: 1.0.5286.41296 (Requires Mono and GTK+, tested on Linux Mint 13 & 17)


  • Each monitor gets its own image.
  • "Limited crop" and "limited stretch".
  • Background color is based on image content.
  • High quality resizing.
  • Transparancy isn't a problem.
  • Options to change the order that screens are updated.
  • Able to use the Windows 7 slideshow transition effect.
  • Minimizes to notification area.
  • Refreshes images when the resolution changes and when displays are added or removed.
  • Detects the ideal placement for the image instead of just centering it.
  • Span panoramic images across multiple monitors.

Change Log

2014-12-23 (version; linux [later])
Separate settings for Max Crop X and Max Crop Y.
Replaced icon.
Webs.com still sucks, but I found a way past the upload issue so it can be a mirror.
2014-06-22 (version; linux 1.0.5286.41296)
"Next" is now available even when the slideshow is disabled.
Changing the Image Path no longer forces new images to be loaded.
Tweaked some setting defaults.
Changed how/where the config/bitmap is saved to avoid Mono issues on linux (previous settings will not automatically carry over).
Change Command Override is now available on the windows version (it does actually function on linux with mono, but the notification icon does not).
Webs.com sucks. Changed "official" site from there to here.
2013-09-07 (version; linux 1.0.4998.26188)
Fixed an issue where if the night mode start time was yesterday and the end time is later today, night mode was not being applied at startup.
2013-07-10 (version; linux 1.0.4939.37221)
Minor fix to a log entry so the right-click feature works. (windows only)
2013-07-02 (version; linux 1.0.4931.37607)
Updated some default values.
Linux: Prettier settings tab.
Linux: Added "Resolution Multipler" setting as a bad-resize workaround.
Linux: Remaing time should now save when exiting while the window is not shown.
2013-06-16 (version
Added Change On Start feature.
Released linux build. (Version 1.17.69.x Build 1.0.4915.23937)
2013-06-08 (version
Now handles missing files when not keeping images in memory.
2013-05-16 (version
Some bug fixes involving directories without any usable images.
2013-05-07 (version
Improved error messages logged when garbage is put in the Interval and Night Mode Start/End Time fields.
Night Mode Start/End Times now work when the slideshow is off.
2013-04-28 (version
Memory managment options added: Force Garbage Collection and Keep Images In Memory.
2013-04-20 (version
Fixed a bug when reloading images that weren't there anymore.
Added setting for noise reduction.
Added Solid Edge Bypass feature.
Stretching now happens before Cropping.
Can now resave settings without forcing new images to be loaded.
Added Spanning Override feature.
Spanning + Edge Positioning can now be cropped.
Fixed bug with Edge Detection.
Screens are tracked by index again (device name didn't work how I wanted it to).
Overrides now skip parts with an unavailable "real screen" index.
Added the option to prevent spannable images from causing other images to be skipped.
Added About tab which explains the settings in greater detail and has links to the site and g+ page.
2013-03-10 (version
Redid the UI and added fields for all the settings.
2013-02-04 (version
Changed the way Cycle works so that it changes the screen that hasn't been changed for the longest time. This should make a 2 screen span with 3+ total screens work better.
Random order is now truly random.
Changed the internals to use the device name instead of index (this makes it possible to specify what screen gets what image better).
2012-12-26 (version
Added start/end times for night mode.
2012-09-12 (version
Added screen overrides and embedded instructions file.
Embedded license file.
2012-09-01 (version
Added "Night mode".
Can now resume a non-random image queue.
Fixed a bug involving transparancy in the middle of an image resulting from multiple background colors.
Edge positioning now works correctly with spanning.
Re-applies desktop on load. This should fix things if the displays changed since it was last run.
2012-08-18 (version
Spanning fully implemented.
Can now open files that failed to load by right clicking on it in the log.
Added option to randomize images (can be disabled now).
Settings window can be resized.
2012-08-01 (version
Added the ability to change the generated image's save location.
Added a hack to get around Win7 compressing the image to a low quality JPEG when using the transition effect. By changing the bitmap's file extension to JPG, Win7 won't recompress it, and it doesn't cause issues for WinXP either.
Added spanning option (incomplete). Only spanning to the left or right is partly working. Transitioning away from a spanned image has not been implemented yet.
Current images are saved after each change. This helps to resume the slideshow properly if the system crashes.
2012-07-07 (version
Added time remaining before the next image change to the notification icon tooltip.
Fixed an issue where images where loading twice during startup when the slideshow is disabled.
Added an option to switch the resize mode between bicubic and bilinear.
2012-06-22 (version
Fixed a minor bug with showing the settings form after starting minimized.
Added remaining time to the log when resuming the slideshow.
2012-06-21 (version
Slideshow will now resume after you reboot.
Added the ability to disable the slideshow and use a specific image for each screen.
Edge positioning on zoom-limited images will only happen if at least one of the adjacent sides is also detected as "solid".
2012-06-16 (version
Multiple background colors will now only be used if the edges are solid.
Enhanced edge detection to avoid problems caused by small amounts of noise.
2012-06-10 (version
Fixed a bug with the zoom limit.
Added sizing zoom percents to the log.
2012-06-06 (version
Altered how colors are compared. It may or may not be better.
Background color now uses the average of the colors considered to be the "same".
Altered the edge analysis log message to be easier to understand.
2012-05-30 (version
Adjusted how multiple background colors works. If there are any common colors, it will use that. This makes it more likely that both edges will be the same color.
Fixed the log to handle unicode.
Clear the log when new settings are saved.
Reapply wallpaper tiling when the win7 transition effect is used (IActiveDesktop). This way the program can "fix" itself if the theme is changed while it is running.
2012-05-24 (version
Forgot to apply a background color for transparent images.
2012-05-23 (version
Fixed a bug when the screen resolution changes and makes the image "too small" to use.
2012-05-20 (version
Use edge positioning instead of crop/stretch when edge positioning is enabled.
Added option to allow different edges to have different background colors.
Improved performance by only reading the image and doing image analysis one time and storing all curent images in memory.
Fixed a potential memory leak from not detaching from the display resolution change event.
Fixed infinite loop bug when the image path has no images or all images are too small.
Fixed a bug where a screen with a negative position got applied twice.
2012-05-18 (version
Redid how the background color is detected.
Added option to skip small images.
Added option to enable/disable edge positioning.
2012-05-15 (version
Added edge detection.
2012-05-13 (version
Added Zoom Limit option.
Changed default config (crop:23, stretch:4, interval:1:20)
2012-05-06 (version
Added Vertical Crop Offset option.
Modified the calculation for Crop and Stretch.
Changed the percentage controls to number spinners and rearranged the placement of the configuration controls. This leaves some extra space for future options to be added.
Corrected an infinite loop bug when the screen resolution is changed and the image was deleted.
2012-04-25 (version
Initial release.
Special thanks to those that posted the code to initially trigger the transition effect and the C# IActiveDesktop implementation.