Tonia and Jim Wall:  Moving to England

Just a few pics of interesting things.   

7/7/07 -- Some of you can relate to this sign.
7/7/07 -- English beer is not our friend. Irish cider, on the other hand...
7/9/07 -- This is Fred. He's our jumpy little friend. Too much coffee.
7/21/07 -- Mind that Child? Is that like Minding the Gap?
7/21/07 -- Frederick Duke of York. Overcompensation for something?
7/21/07 -- Stinky horse with fat kid.
7/21/07 -- Look really, really, really close. There's a little sign on the wall saying Downing Street. You'd think they could afford a bigger sign.
7/21/07 -- Funky old church. Westminster Abby, I think.
7/21/07 -- Bunch of blokes. Leave it to my wife to find drinking buddies in downtown London!
7/28/07 -- Scary stares. I've only fallen down them twice, though.
7/28/07 -- Why are manhole covers round? To be different from the English, I guess.
7/28/07 -- Parliament, Ben, Thames.
7/28/07 -- London Eye.
7/28/07 -- Salvador's tall elephant.
7/31/07 -- Queen hangs out here.
8/3/07 -- This is Gary. He lives in the back garden. He's not too quick, but he's pretty cool. Sometimes he comes in for a drink.
8/3/07 -- This is Slugo. He and his family like to hang out under our potted plants.
8/4/07 -- Spinaker Tower in Portsmouth.
8/4/07 -- Fast Cat ferry to the Isle of Wight. We easily passed the car ferry at twice the speed, but the hovercraft passed us. Next time, we try the hover craft.
8/4/07 -- Old boat in Portsmouth harbor.
8/4/07 -- Older boat.
8/18/07 -- Me and a bronze bull in Oxford. Actually, it was a steer. It's like a car crash: You have to look.
8/18/07 -- Harry Potter House. I'm pretty sure it's not called that, but supposedly some parts of the Harry Potter movies were filmed there.
8/18/07 -- People are just dieing to get in here.
8/18/07 -- Old thing in front of Mary Magdalene Church.
8/18/07 -- Lily pads in the botanical gardens in Oxford.
8/18/07 -- Bell tower. It's loud and obnoxious when it goes off.
8/18/07 -- Parking spaces in Oxford are very tight.
10/6/07 -- Old church in Cookham.
10/21/07 -- Ben.
10/21/07 -- Buckingham.
10/21/07 -- Buckingham.
2/02/08 -- Bath Abby.
2/02/08 -- Water Lady.
2/02/08 -- My new ceiling.
2/02/08 -- Roman graffiti in the bath.
2/02/08 -- Dirty Bath water.
2/02/08 -- Bath Abby.
2/02/08 -- Bath Abby Ceiling.
2/02/08 -- English folks like to eat cow chips.
3/20/08 -- Maidenhead platform number 4.
3/20/08 -- Scary Train. Very fast.
3/20/08 -- Tonia and the Thames. About 100 yards from home in Reading.
3/20/08 -- Thames by our house.
3/20/08 -- The abby in Reading. Not much left.
3/20/08 -- It actually snows here. This is our new back yard.
3/20/08 -- New scary stairs. Have yet to fall down them, but it's inevitable
3/20/08 -- Black Swan. Lifer.
3/20/08 -- Tootsies. The old lady hissed at me.