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A chronology of some of the events that shaped Wallingford, century by century.
Click on the years to get details of what happened over the centuries.

.....-0 BC Stone, Bronze and Iron age activity around Wallingford
AD: 0-999 Saxons establish Wallingford -Alfred builds the burh with its defensive walls to protect against the Danes
1000-1099 Burning of Wallingford - William the Conquerer - building of Wallingford Castle
1100-1199 Civil War between Matilda and Stephen - Henry II grants the Charter of Wallingford
1200-1299 Richard of Cornwall extends Wallingford Castle
1300-1399 Piers Gaveston holds court - Joan of Kent dies at Wallingford
1400-1499 Katherine and Owain Tudor at Wallingford - Margaret of Anjou imprisoned
1500-1599 Henry Norreys, constable of Wallingford executed on charge of relationship with Anne Boleyn
1600-1699 Wallingford Castle is the last Royalist stronghold to surrender to the Parliamentarians, and is later demolished by Cromwell
1700-1799 Jethro Tull invents seed drill - William Blackstone, lawyer, writes his "Commentaries"
1800-1899 Foundries and railways come to Victorian Wallingford
1900-1999 World wars - Agatha Christie - and a new bridge
2000-2012 The town continues to change - watch this space!


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