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Wallingford Grammar School and St Anthony's School
The National School and the Kinecroft School
 St Johns Green (former site of Wallingford Grammar School)

Susannah Barnett (Ladies' School)- High Street
Mid-19th Century

Matilda and Caroline Berry (Ladies' Boarding School)- St Martins Lane
19th Century`

Calleva House School – High Street
Founded 1888 - Calleva House is now Summer Davis Antiques.

Sarah Church (Day School)-St Leonards Square
Mid-19th Century

Eleanor Cross - Wood Street
Mid-19th Century

Cross House Academy (Robert Hurman) -
Mid-19th Century

Fir Tree Junior School - Radnor Road .
Opened in 1968.

Dinah Hawtin - High Street
Mid-19th Century

Rev. William Harris (Gents Boarding and Day) - St Martin's Street
Mid-19th Century

Kinecroft School - Kinecroft
Primary school, built in 1861. It became a boys and girls infants and girls junior in 1910 with the opening of the Council School for Boys. Closed in 1964 and became the Centre 70 Community Centre.

King James School, High St
19th Century.

Lower Wharf Academy - St Lucian’s, St. Lucian’s Lane
19th century.
St Lucian's is now a private house.

Mary Ann Maggs - St Martins Street
Mid 19th Century

National School23 Castle Street
Erected in 1828, it took boys and girls – it closed when pupils were transferred to the Kinecroft School in 1861.  Now a bed and breakfast.

Ann Lee Pobjoys (Ladies' Boarding and Day School) - High Street, and earlier in St Martin's Street
Mid 19th century.

Jas Quatermain - St Peters, Church Lane
Early 19th century.

St Anthony’s School - High Street
Backing on to Wallingford Castle, it took boys and girls. Now a private house.

St John's Community Primary School - St John’s Road
Built as Wallingford Council School for Boys, it was designed by Edmund Fisher in 1909, and opened in 1910 to take junior boys. During construction of the school, a Saxon graveyard was uncovered. T. H. Astbury, headmaster from 1910-1920, was an amateur astronomer. St John’s became a mixed primary in 1968.
St Leonard's Church House - St Leonard's Lane
Was briefly a school for evacuees during World War II. Now a private house.

St. Nicholas C of E Infants School and Nursery Class - St Nicholas Road
Opened in 1964.

Jemima Spiers - Rectory House, St Martin's Street
Early 19th century.

Wallingford School - St George’s Road
When Walter Bigg, thought to have been Innkeeper of St Giles in the Fields, a Master of the Merchant Taylor’s Company died in 1659, he left money for a school. St John's Green was the school building from 1717-1780, and the upper room in the Town Hall was used a school room until 1863. Wallingford School, which still benefits from the Bigg Charity was formally established when a grammar school building was built on the corner of St George’s Road and Station Road in 1877 by Sidney R. Stephenson. The boys’ and girls’ schools were amalgamated onto one site in 1904. In 1958 the girls were moved to Didcot Girls’ Grammar School.  In 1958 Blackstone Secondary Modern was built near Blackstone Road on St George’s Road, and with the onset of comprehensive education in 1973, this was used as the lower school (taking age 11-13) and the old grammar school was the upper school (taking older children). In 1998 the school was centralised at the old secondary modern site, and the old grammar school converted to apartments.  

Sarah Stretton (day school and music tuition) - St Leonard's Square
Early 19th century.

William and Martha Wood (Infants' School)
Early 19th century.

Thomas Wallis - Fish Street
Early 19th century.