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Wallingford Pubs


Wallingford pubs

The Anchor - St Leonard's Lane
18th century, in a mid-17th century building, it closed in 1940.

The Bear - High Street

Beehive - High Street
It became the Berrick Restuarant in 1976 (now the Anoki Indian restaurant).

Black Boy - St Martin's Street
Opened in the 17th century (noted in 1651), closed in 1730.

The Black Lion

The Boathouse - High Street, on the riverside
Previously the Mill House Hotel - built on the site of the old gasworks, c. 1890. It was renamed The Boathouse, then the Millhouse again in 1998, before being renamed The Boathouse.

The Coach and Horses - Kinecroft
Built in 1847.

Coachmakers Arms - St Mary's Street
A 17th century building - the pub is known to have been running since the 19th century. It has also been known as The Cat or The Rampin' Cat.

The Dolphin
- St Mary's Street
A 17th century building that was refronted and opened as a pub in the 19th century.

The Duke's Head - St Mary's Street
Was demolished in 1880, became a Temperance Hall, then the Primitive Methodist Church, now the Fountain Bookshop.

The Eight Bells - corner of Church Lane and St Martin's Street
Now ZaZa's, this 17th century building was previously a health food shop and Goodwins. It is suggested that the building was once St Mary's church house.

The Elephant and Castle - High Street
In existence in 1661.

The Farriers Arms - St Mary's Street
Formerly King William VI and Railway Arms, closed 1909, now a beauty salon.

The Fat Ox - Hart Street and corner of Wood Street
Believed 18th-century -functioning in 1847, closed 1940. Now private flats.

The Feathers - also known as "The Plume of Feathers" - St Martin's Street
Now KP Stationers. 17th century, closed in 1959. It was the site of the Michaelmas hiring fair.


The Fleur-de-Lys - High Street
Now Wallingford Tandoori (formerly Stoney's Restaurant). Probably mid-17th century building.

The French Horn - Church Lane
Closed 1911.

The Gate House - High Street
Was formerly th
e Wallingford Arms. A 17th-century building - it was open in 1782, and became the Town Arms in 1845 and was renamed as The Gate House in 2009.
Gerrard's Hall - St Peter's Street
Now part of the Territorial Army HQ.


George Hotel - High Street
Previously The George and Dragon, believed to have opened in 1517. It is reputed to have been popular with the highwayman Dick Turpin.

Closed 1802.

The Green Tree - St Mary's Street
Built in the 17th century, it was substantially rebuilt in 1970.

The Greyhound - St John's Road
A pub of this name is noted in 1651. It became a house in the 1950s, badly damaged by fire in 2001 and later demolished, now the site of Greyhound Cottages.

Hope & Anchor - High Street
19th century - became a house in 1916.

Horn - Goldsmiths' Lane

Ironfounder's Arms - Goldsmith's Lane

Ironmonger's Arms - west side of Market Place
18th century - closed 1914.

The Jolly Gardener - 34 Wood Street
19th century - ran until 1910.

King's Arms - St Mary's Street
From the 17th century. Closed 1920 – now Sportswize.

King's Head
- Market Street
Opened in 1804 - briefly known as "The Hole in the Wall". It was refronted in 1968. It was demolished during construction of the Waitrose store.

Kinges Hedde - High Street Mentioned in 1550.

The Lamb
High Street
Was known as the Kings Hedd in 1548, was briefly the New Inn, then the King's Head again, before becoming The Lamb - now the Lamb Arcade.  It was visited by William of Orange on his way to be crowned king. It closed as a pub in 1960.
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The Little House on the Corner by the Brook - St Leonard's Lane
Formerly The Row Barge, The Barge and the Old Barge. Built in the 17th century, closed in 1996 and is now a private house.

The Mermaid - corner of Church Lane and St Martin's Street
This was on site of the Old Post Office. It was opened in the 17th century, closed in 1875 and the building was demolished in 1914.

Nags Head - Reading Road (Winterbrook)
Formerly The Cock (now a house). Ran from 19th century to 1950s. Bears the letters EW, most likely for the brewer Edward Wells.

Norman Knight - 89, Wantage Road
Built 1960s, demolished 1990s.

Oddfellow's Arms - Wood Street
Closed 1895.

Old tudor pubs in Wallingford
Oxford House - St Martins's Street
Also known as the Queen’s Head - then Church House, currently unoccupied. It is a mid-18th century building.

The Plough - corner of Croft Road and St Johns Road
Was a cottage, opened as pub in 1870, closed in 1996 - converted to a house in 2002.

The Plumbers' Arms - High Street
Functioned from 1870-1890s.

The Red Lion Hotel - High Street
Formerly The Bell, closed in 1940s - demolished to build a supermaket in 1960s.

The Rose and Crown - near the corner of St Martin's Street and Goldsmith's Lane
Formerly The Carpenters' Arms. Became a house in 1890s

The Royal - St Mary's Street
Formerly the Royal Standard - renamed in 2002, it became The Partridge restaurant in 2008.

The Royal Oak - High Street, near Wood Street.

The Shakespear - High Street (facing Town Arms)
Ran from 1863 to 1913

The Two Brewers - Hart Street.

Wagon and Horses - Goldsmith's Lane and corner of Kinecroft
Closed in 1927.

The Waterloo Cock - St John's Road
Formerly the Game Cock. Became a lodging house.

Waterloo House - Goldsmith's Lane.

The White Hart - St Mary's Street
A Tudor building, c. 1500, became a shop in 1962, is now Allen and Harris.
Wallingford Pubs
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