Global Issues

In this class we will study the most prevalent current global issues, including challenges of Globalization, Terrorism, worldwide promotion of Democracy, along with multiple other topics. This examination will be done through reading, writing, discussing and debating both historical and contemporary elements that have shaped our world politically, socially and economically. As well as assess how these elements have established and shaped the state of the current global community and landscape.

            It is my hope that you will be challenged this year by this examination of current global issues that we as humanity face  and gain a foundational knowledge that will assist you in making responsible decisions moving forward, both for yourselves and for the world at large. The overall goals of this course are to help you to develop the skills to analyze and dissect the current global landscape and to understand the complexities that the world community faces. It is my goal that after this course not only your understanding of global issues has been heightened but your empathy and compassion levels needed to help create solutions have risen as well. The success of this course will be determined by the amount of participation by both instructor and student, thus the following guidelines have been established to assist us on our journey.