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Air pollution

Air pollution is another very important subject that needs to be discussed and be made aware of everywhere. Air pollution can have many different effects on many different organisms including humans, plants, and animals. Air pollution is also having very large effects on the atmosphere. The main causes of air pollution include planes, cars, factories, and dust. Inhaling these can cause potentially fatal ilnesses (Putatunda). When I think of air pollution I think of thick smoke but the truth is that most chemicals causing air pollution is invisable. These include nitrogen oxide, ozone, sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide and lead.
    There are many different things that could be done to help clean up the air. These things include:
       A.  We could cleaning up of power plants, dirty diesel engines and ocean-going vessels. It is amazing how much just cleaning would help.  
       B. Reducing the use of fuel by carpooling, walking or even just taking the bus. Biodiesel is a great alternate and not only will it control air pollution but it will also save the non-renewable sources of energy.
       C. Planting a tree and using bio-safe products in your homes.
       D. Further research on how to tap solar and wind energy so that dependence on combustible fuels decreases.
       E.Again simply making people aware and being aware can help trmendously. (Putatunda)
Air pollution needs to be considered and understood before it is too late and we must face the conciquences to our own actitions. this goes for all of the actions that we take without thinking about.  
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