Instructions To Install Wall Decal

There are certain steps that should be followed while sticking the wall decal on your own or even by a professional.

The first and the foremost step is to clean the wall without dust, oil and without any textures. The wall must be smooth and clean. Once you stick the decal, it should not be taken out and if you take it out, you cannot fix it again on the wall as the adhesive will loose its quality. Same decal cannot be reused again.

First, clean the wall with soap water and dry it completely with a towel. The wall should be clean, dry, oil-free and smooth. You need patience and wait till the wall dry completely. Otherwise, the moisture on the wall can harm the adhesive of the decal. You should even not mind to postpone the job for few hours/days.

If the dust is collected together in one place of a wall then the wall decal won’t stick to the wall properly. You won’t be able to get a proper finish of the wall decal and the dirt can even ruin the decal. Always make sure that the wall is without dirt and dry. Why not clean the wall with alcohol?

Once you fix the decal on the wall, it cannot be reused. So, before sticking it, make sure that you really love that decal or not. You just hang the decal in different angles and decide how it looks and whether the decal matches that particular room etc.

It is extremely important that the installed decal merges with the wall without any fold in the corners. Remove the backing with full patience and fix the top two corners of the decal on the wall first and then slowly reach the bottom portion. Never damage the corners of the decal and there should not be any visible fold in the decal after it is installed. Extra time and patience is essential and use a sponge to ensure that the backing is pressed completely on the wall.

When you want to stick a wall sticker on the wall, you should follow the same procedure. But it is little more difficult to fix the sticker on the wall as it curls quickly when you remove the back. Have more patience and fix the wall sticker without any hassle.

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