Wallarah Long Board Club Inc 


Founded in May 2007

The Wallarah Long board Club (Rusty’s) is situated in the surf club car park at Catherine Hill Bay on the mid central coast of New South Wales, it was borne out of necessity back in May 2007. Because we are central to Newcastle (up north) and Gosford (down south) we had a lot of malibu or longboard surfers who where surfing at Catherine Hill Bay and the surrounding breaks. A lot of the guys and girls after talking did not necessarily want to compete all the time but wanted to form a longboard social club. So the WLC was borne.

The club has a good base with professionals, self employed persons, nurses, healthcare workers, musicians, students, factory workers, pilots, teachers, mums and dads as its members or sponsors.

The bulk of the WLC membership is from the local surrounding areas, but we do have a few die hards that travel a distance to get there (1 to 2 hours). Most of our members are in the second semester of life, a few that are at the trimester stage, and of course we have our "young un’s" (oh to be there again). Our membership is growing slowly but we are still a small friendly club.

Man v Man, Women v Women, Women v Man and juniors make up our club competition days. All competing for that personal reward, and a small but much sort after trophy at the end of the year. Our club is more a social, family focused club than a hard-core competition club, we do cater for the competitive nature within but its done with an "aloha essence" not a "win at all cost attitude". We have club rounds every month and a series of interclub and invitational events scheduled throughout the year. These planned events are typically a fundraising event for worthy charities. In the short time that our club has existed we have helped raise over $15,000 and donated all this money to Beyond Blue, Movember, Melanoma Research, Breast Cancer and Prostate Cancer research. We also help out our friends at the Catherine Hill Bay Surf Club wherever we can. 

As well as regular club competitions we organise club trips up and down the NSW coast. A minimum of 3 sanctioned club trips are organised to Bonny Hills, Treachery Beach Camp & Hallidays Point.

Within our club there a few very good and competitive surfers who do very well in other events that they attend while representing the WLC but this club is very conscious of its club credo “Fun, Family, Respect and Surf” and implements it in all its decision making policy’s, with family days and family weekends planned throughout the calendar year. 

Being the best competitive surfer is not the most important criteria in our club. Having a love for the sport and being able to respect culture, our environment and our fellow humans while having as much fun as you can is what is valued the highest in our club. NO inflated EGO"S PLEASE!

The club itself has gained a lot of support from the local community, as well as business, with an ever increasing membership base, (almost every club day we sign up new members).

If you surfed when you were young but had to give it up to start off a career or family or both and are now thinking of getting back into the sport then this is the right club for you.

If you have always wanted to learn to surf but think that you are too old or out of shape. Well you're never too old and surfing will get you back into shape while having fun too. This is the club for you.

If you are a grommet (youngster) who has that desire to ride different surf craft and expand on your surfing repertoire while learning the essence of what surfing is really about while not to taking yourself and the sport too seriously. Then this is the club for you..

If you're female and want a club that welcomes and treats everyone with respect then this is the club for you.

If you have surfed (any surfcraft) none stop for most of your life and are looking for a club that is competitive but does not take itself too seriously then this is the club for you.

If you are a wannabe world champion who seeks to dominate the water. Then sorry this is not the right club for you. 

If anyone would like to contact us in regard to joining we usually meet in the second car park north of the Catherine Hill Bay Surf Club the Last Sunday of each month; from  Jan to November at 7am. 

Or you can contact us via our FACEBOOK page Wallarah Longboard club Facebook page or just send us an email. 

We'd love to see ya in the water :-)

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