Best Backgrounds

Palm trees in Cali

For most of the people palm trees are not a usual view. People have seen them at their vacation maybe, but don't really have them around all the time, except if you life in California. 
This background is great to use on a Mac. The blue folders match good into the system and you don't get too much distracted of the palm trees. Click on it and just save it in full quality for your screen.

Blue blue sky

If you are most likely to be a day dreamer then this background should be right for you. On workdays we are often too busy to look up the sky and with this background you might get the feeling of liberty back to you. It is also great to use on your smart phone. Have a blue sky every day in your pocket especially when its rainy outside.


Flowers remind us of spring and summer. It is green outside, the weather is nice and you are relaxed. A contrast of a variety of different colors can change our mode to a good one. Be a colorful person and use this as your background. 

Gateway Arch

The Gate
way Arch is the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial in St. Louis, Missouri. It stands 630 feet tall into the air as if it fell from the sky. It is one of the most amazing memorial to the American Explorers, you can even walk through it and look out a small window at the top. 


It is 6 o´clock in the morning, you are tired and the sun did't even have to wake up like you did. Sunrises are one of the most beautiful and romantic moments on our hearts. They make us feel comfortable and stress relieved. Take this as your Mac background, you will see your blue folders on a beautiful background.

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