Welcome to the Wall4Paper webpage,

Here you can find background pictures for your Desktop on your laptop, cell phone and so on. Make your screen more attractive with a new background. You are welcome to download them, share them or even print them. If you share them please enter this webpage as the source. I hope you enjoy all wallpapers.

 Here is the link if you like to go straight to them - Backgrounds

What work has to be done by a background?
The background should be like a relaxing part of your Desktop, you shouldn't get to distracted from it but when you look at it maybe just for a second or so it should bring you a pleasant moment. Your folders should be still available to see on the screen, what is the benefit if you can't find anything anymore. So the folders have to match into the background to make it delightful as possible. Change the colors of the folders if they don't fit to the background. Try it now yourself and develop your own workspace with one of our Backgrounds

We hope you enjoy our offer and when you have questions feel free to Contact us.