3. WHO should Study the CCC?

Those who want to love Jesus more.    Many saints have said,  "the more you know about God, the more you will love Him."  St. Faustina, for example.
Those for whom English is a second language.  I know Polish pretty well; studied German and have picked up some Spanish.  I know the kind of problems you face.  I make it very simple for you.


Those whose parents sent them to government schools.  One hour of CCD a week isn't even a drop in the ocean.

Those who were catechized by a liberal  -  in grammar-school, high-school, college or the RCIA.  Liberals avoid solid doctrine - as Dracula hates the sunlight.  They prefer to teach warm fuzzies. 

Two examples:  Parish A.  There were 9 kids in the CCD class.  All they had to show - after a year's work -  was a 9-panel quilt.  Each kid had to treat his panel as an art project.  There wasn't anything especially religious about any panel, either. 

Parish B was headed by a very timid orthodox Catholic priest.  He placed ALL teaching of adults in the hands of a radical feminist woman - and he never checked up to see what she was doing.  I was a member of the RCIA team.  Each of us was to prepare a teaching on a rotating basis.  When she found out that I was orthodox, my teaching days were over.  I decided to stay, figuring that I could correct some of the heresy on an individual basis, talking to catechumens during the break. 

She had a husband who was a dissenting theologian at Duquesne University.  Every Spring she would trot him in to teach Morality.  He told the RCIA that there were 3 controversies raging in the church at the time.  His solution was that 1. we should allow homosexuals to marry, 2. Allow boys to masturbate, and 3. Allow marriage after divorce.

Who should study the CCC?  Those who entered the church later in their lives, or those who entered the church recently, no matter WHAT their age.  What you learned in RCIA is just a beginning.
Those who are not Catholic, but are curious about the Catholic faith.  Don't go by hearsay or the movies.  Don't go to newspapers, magazines or TV.  All these media are hostile to the Catholic faith.  Why not go to the source?

Who should study the CCC?  Those who teach in Catholic schools at any level, CCD teachers, RCIA teachers, nuns, and priests.  Yes, even priests, especially those who were sent to liberal seminaries.

Anyone who wants to brush up on what he learned, even if he went to a very orthodox Catholic school.  The Liturgy presents the same ideas to us on certain days of the year, year-in and year-out.  e.g., How many Christmases have you celebrated already in your life?  Did meditating on the meaning of Christ's birth once exhaust all that can be gotten out of it?

Who should study the CCC?  Those who want to separate true Catholicism from our New Age culture.  Many Catholics have New Age beliefs and practices.  They're still coasting on a few items of true Catholicism that they learned early in life.  For example, ask most Catholics what Meditation means.  They'll probably form a mental picture of the Mahareeshee Mahesh Yoga and his disciples, all sitting in the lotus position, trying to empty their minds.  Christian meditation -  also called Lectio Divina -  is not passive like this.  Certainly one needs to empty his mind of distractions to begin.   But he takes a pericope of Scripture (a pericope is the paragraph or paragraphs between the bold headings) He takes a pericope of Scripture and alternately reads, talks to God about it, and looks for ways to apply it to himself.  It's a pro-active method.

Another example of the New Age's infiltration into Catholicism is the many retreat houses offering courses in Reiki, or The Enneagram, or the goddess.

Who should study the CCC?  Those who want to have a conversation with non-Catholics about religion - but lack a vocabulary of words and ideas.  As EWTN says, "If you're Catholic, you're a missionary".   It's not enough to pray for others' conversions. 

Those who agree with the following statement:  "One religion is as good as another.  After all, don't they all worship the same God?"

Who should study the CCC?  Those with very high IQs.  And you know who you are.

People in their twenties, the decade of idealism.  Get yourself equipped to go out and conquer the world for Christ.

Who should study the CCC?  People who are in their mid-life crisis - or beyond.  The 2nd half of life is beginning OR you're into it.  Death looms nearer.  Get ready.  If you wasted the first half, you can begin again now.

Politicians.  Whether in the politics of the village, city, county, state or the entire nation, - you need to take seriously the petition in the God Our Father, "...Thy kingdom come."  not "how can I use this office for my own aggrandizement?"  What exactly are you supposed to be doing?


 And finally, Who should study the CCC?  Those who are certain they already know everything contained in the CCC.