4. So, What's So Hot about the Way You Teach the CCC?

A few years ago I invited some people to my house to study the Catechism.  They didn't know their faith very well, but they were eager.  By the type of questions they asked I got a strong sense of a need.  During a Share-a-thon I broached the idea of a series of Catechism programs to Tom Moran, station Mgr. at WQOP and WZNZ.  (Unfortunately the phone wasn't ringing, so there was lots of time to talk.)  He downloaded a program for editing sound waves - to my computer.  I didn't know what equipment I needed otherwise.  I would send away, e.g., for a microphone, and wait.  While waiting I went thru the program's Help menu from A to Z and educated myself.  Getting the right combination of equipment together took about 3 months.  I turned a small bedroom in my condo into a recording studio.  I had in front of me a dictionary and three thesauruses.  When a few programs had been recorded Tom began airing 'em.  I want to thank Tom publicly for all the help he has given me.   

I was born in 1937.  Consequently I draw upon a rich lifetime of experiences and education to illustrate certain points or doctrines.  People seem to enjoy my stories.   


It's called "leisurely" for a reason: I take as much time as needed to make the teaching clear.  There are 2 kinds of teacher.  One kind really doesn't want students to learn.  His own low self-esteem is propped up by the fact that he knows more than his students; subconsciously he sabotages his own efforts - so that they will not know as much as he does.  The other kind really wants his students to learn.  I'm in this category.  Bp. Galeone says I am a natural-born teacher.  Thank you, God, for the gift.

This is not a sequential course.  In a sequential course, if you miss the first two weeks of lessons, - you might as well drop out - because you're now so far behind - that you'll never catch up.  Each of my programs stands on its own.  Let's say that in program 1 I explain the word, "transcendent".  In a course you're expected to know what that means from then on.  But with me, If the word comes up in Programs 12, 18, 25, and 44, I define it again.  This repetition works to your advantage.