5. Why am I so Passionate about the CCC?

Maybe it's my hatred of lies and love of truth.  I grew up in a family headed by an alcoholic father.  I've studied alcoholism, and attended Al-Anon and Adult Children of Alcoholics meetings.  I've learned that the alcoholic becomes a liar.  He invents reality as he goes.  Truth becomes relative to what he wants it to be.  Dad's lies resulted in a lot of suffering for seven other people, not to mention himself.  Well, truth is not relative.  Certain things ARE true!  I hate Relativism. 


I'm not denigrating my father.  About five years before his death in 1996 I was able to ask his forgiveness and to forgive him totally.  I took out my journal and went over many of his actions that were traumatic to me, and put myself in his shoes.  Viewed from his perspective, it made sense to do the things that he did.  Anyway, I can't get into his head to judge what motivated him.  I hope that he is in either Purgatory or Heaven.  In either case I know that he would approve using his life as a negative example.