6. What Do You Mean, "We Live in an Entertainment Culture"?

The entertainment culture began with the invention of phonograph records, the radio and movies in the late 19th century.  Eventually we got TV, CDs, DVDs, and a host of other amusement vehicles with initials.  Learning now has to be conveyed as diversion.  This is not progress.  If our priests' sermons are not funny, we tune them out, no matter how on-target they are.  If Mass doesn't entertain, we say, "I don't go because I don't get anything out of it".  People read the newspaper in church!, or jabber in church!, idling away the time until the "show" begins. 

Well, studying the catechism requires WORK.  I unashamedly challenge you to roll up your sleeves and WORK:  concentrate.  This goes against the prevailing entertainment culture, but I know you can do it.