91. My Questions to YOU

Are you getting everything out of your Catholic faith that Jesus intended?  In 12-Step Recovery they have the phrase, "...my own enlightened self-interest".  Here is a place where I think Jesus would want us to ask:  - "What's in it for ME?"  Answer: working out MY salvation.


If your spiritual life were frozen - from now until your death, - would you be content with that?  Don't put off learning all the things that God has REVEALED to us.  What a privilege: it has been REVEALED - to US!  We're lucky that we were born Catholic - and didn't live in past times.  Think of the generations of our illiterate, poor serf-ancestors.  They couldn't read, and hadn't the time or the money for reading if they could.  We live in the greatest country the world has ever seen.  WE CAN read.  All we have to do is to turn on our radios, listen and read along.   

I sold my condo when I went to Steubenville, and used that money to further my Catholic education.  Yes, my degree cost as much as condo.  I gladly give the benefit of what cost me so much - to you almost for FREE.  Latch onto a deal when you see one.


Do you want to be informed with PRINCIPLES when voting?  or do you blindly pull that same lever that your great-grandfather pulled after he got his citizenship papers?  (Of course, considering the party he was probably in, he may have voted BEFORE he became a citizen, and even after his death!  There is a motto in that party, "Vote early, and vote often.")  But seriously, political parties change every 4 years.  The party he belonged to then - bears no relation to what it is today.  How're you going to know which party embodies Jesus' principles?  Don't you think that Jesus' way trumps the platform of a party? 


 Think of the Catechism as God's Manufacturers's Manual, like that little book that GM gives you with your Cobalt.  If we follow God's manual, we will have the happiest life that this planet affords.  The pagan Greek philosopher Aristotle, writing about 300 years before Christ, discovered that everyone - Genghis Khan, Adolf Hitler, Sts. Brigid, Maximilian Kolbe and the alcoholic - wants the same thing: HAPPINESS.  The question is: what will  provide it.  The Catholic faith boldly proclaims that IT has the way to happiness; all you have to do is study the CCC to see how to attain it.