A Leisurely Walk though the Catechism of the Catholic Church

Welcome to Gerald R. Schmidt's A Leisurely Walk through the Catechism of the Catholic Church

This is a series of 44 programs originally aired over radio stations WQOP 1460 in Jacksonville, FL. To order DVD directly from the author, send $30.00 ($27 for CD, $3.00 postage & handling within the 50 states) to:

Gerry Schmidt
5201 Atlantic Blvd.
Jacksonville, Florida 32207-2479.                 

You can hear the broadcast live on Saturday mornings at 11:00 am Eastern time on the internet at  www.qopradio.com .
There is a wealth of information available from New Advent www.newadvent.com and the Catholic Encyclopedia  www.catholicexchange.com . Or Visit my blog site GerrysAnalysis.blogspot.com .