Meet the Moonwalkers: 2.0

Vivake is 12 years old and will be attending 7th grade at Irvin A. Robin Middle School in Farmington, Connecticut in the fall. His fascination with the moon and LEGOs has inspired him to join and participate in this brilliant project.  His favorite sport is tennis and he loves to play the violin and saxophone. He has been in LEGO Leagues for last 4 years and plans to work for NASA in the future. Just recently his sixth grade eCybermission team won the national championship!


Kiki is 16 years old and will be in 11th grade at Parsippany Hills High School in Parsippany, New Jersey. She loves to dance and play tennis. She has been participating in FIRST LEGO League for the past 5 years and joined FIRST Tech Challenge this year. As a result she has developed a strong interest in mechanical design, especially robot arms and attachments. She hopes to become a space architect some day.

Kush has loved both LEGOs and space from a very young age. His driving passion is programming and he wants to become a video game designer. To that end, he has participated in FIRST LEGO League for 3 years and FIRST Tech Challenge for 1, and he is currently serving as mentor to the FLL and FTC team NanoGurus.

Our captain Shivi  enjoys debate, dance, and art. She looks forward to the day when international relations becomes interplanetary relations.