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Moonwalk is a New Jersey and Connecticut-based team. We are a FIRST family with five years of experience in the fields of robotics and research, and have participated in the FIRST LEGO League and Junior FIRST LEGO League under the teams NanoGurus, Flying Fish, and Hurricanes. Our members have won several awards, both at regional and state levels. This year, we were able to found a FIRST Tech Challenge team, thanks to last year's MoonBots competition and the kit we won! Our rookie team NanoGurus performed extremely well and was able to win awards at regional and state levels.

Our members range from 12 to 17, not including our young captain at 22, but we have one thing in common: when we were kids, each of us said, "I want to be an astronaut when I grow up!"

So get ready:

Because we talk the talk. But we walk the Moonwalk.

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