Play Like a Lunatic!

As part of our outreach activities, we created some games for children (and adults) to play! We currently have two very exciting games that you, too, can play in the comfort of your own home.

Click here to download both games! Then double-click the game that you want to play. Then play it. When you have completed the game and are incredibly satisfied by it, then hit <escape> to close the game. Don't leave them running or your CPU will be sad!

The Moon Trivia game asks a series of moon-related questions. Do you have the moon knowledge necessary?
  • The game is very simple to play. Just click on the answer that you think is right. If it is indeed right, then your rocket will receive a little bit of fuel. Don't stress if you get some things wrong, just keep rolling along! Try to send your spacecraft to the moon!

The Moon Rover game lets you drive a rover around on the moon. Gather as many resources as possible within the time limit!
  • The rover is controlled by the arrow keys. <up> and <down> will move the robot forward and backward. Use <left> and <right> to turn left and right.
  • The timer at the top is your time left. The game is only a minute long, so plan your route quickly! Also note that the timer starts as soon as the game finishes loading, so be ready to start immediately.
  • The yellow bar at the top is your fuel. Any motion--forward, backward, turning, or mining--will use a bit of this fuel. When this runs out, your game ends, no matter how much time you have left, so be careful!
  • There are two features on the surface: moon rocks and ridges. The moon rocks are vital to achieving a high score. When you are facing them, press <space> to mine it. You can mine a rock up to 5 times. Inside the rock you can find yellow helium-3, blue water ice, or nothing.
  • Water ice is a valuable resource that we hope to find on the moon, so it's worth 100 points if you collect it. Helium-3 could potentially be used in nuclear power production, so it's worth 25 points and it restores a decent chunk of your own fuel. Presumably this robot is nuclear powered.
  • Ridges are dangerous obstacles. Once the robot climbs onto a ridge, it can only move forward. You cannot turn or move backward on the ridge. In addition, the ridge is difficult to traverse, so the robot needs to use more fuel than normal to cross it. Try to stay away from these if you can!
Both of these games were made by our very own team members using the program Game Maker 8 (which has been upgraded to 8.1). Please, tell us what you thought of our game in the comments, and thanks for playing!
Kush Chandra,
Aug 10, 2011, 7:01 AM