Slide with the Bot

Our Robot - First Draft

This is our initial robot design. In the future, we intend to implement a SHRIMP-style drive system.

The robot begins with its arms crossed in order to stay within the maximum size. Once the round begins, they unfold and push down the ramp.

The robot with its outstretched arms.

Also, due to the limitations of LEGO Digital Designer, some of our pieces could not be used in the model. For example, the wheels we intend to use are somewhat larger.

The robot is designed to pick up water and helium-3 without entering the crater. The arms knock the loops onto the front section of the basket.

The basket is cleverly designed so that the front section can swing back and forth. Said swinging is controlled by a Scout motor, represented by orange bricks. Once the loops fall onto this section, the spikes hold them in place until the motor can flip them into the main section of the basket.

An ultrasound sensor is used to detect the distance from the robot to a crater rim.

A view from the robot. The green brick takes the place of a webcam which is used to tape a view from the robot.