A Documentary Film by Gabe Van Lelyveld

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       'Walk' tells the story of a young man who undertook a peace walk of no ordinary kind. Carrying a sign that read, 'Walk 'til I Drop for Peace,' he left his hometown of Port Townsend, Washington early one morning with the intent of walking non-stop and without taking on any calories (only hydrating) until he reached the point of complete physical and/or mental exhaustion.

        Through footage shot during his walk (both the documentarian's and that of the young man himself) as well as interviews conducted before and afterwards, the film chronicles this amazing event and serves as a portrait-in-time of a young man and his search for meaning.

        A number of free copies of the completed film are available to non-profit organizations for use as part of an event or fundraiser. For more information please visit the contact page.   

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