#walkmyworld Map 2015

Participants in the #walkmyworld project are invited to locate themselves and their walks on this map. The purpose is to help each other understand how our walks are related to our specific geographies. Feel free to add content to the map (e.g., place a pin/picture where you are or where your school is located, place pins of media that you are sharing for the project). The result is potentially a cartography of our participation. Also, feel free to suggest ways we can use maps to share our walks. Click here for screencast tutorials on how to contribute to the map (e.g., add custom pins with links and media). Note that @dogtrax discovered you need to enlarge the map (full screen) before you can add a pin. Once you've added your pin, share it on Twitter.

Suggestions for what to pin on the map:
  • Picture or video representing you or your school
  • Your Twitter handle
  • Written description of where you are or where you are from
  • Link to your blog or other social media (e.g., Instagram)