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Connected Learning

Much of the design and thinking behind the #walkmyworld project grew out of the theories of connected learning. In this make you will work collaboratively on an essay to analyze a social space using connected learning as an analytical lens.

  1. Find a group of people in your class or in the #walkmyworld community.
  2. Choose a learning space (can be a community on Google+, a hashtag on Twitter, a Facebook Group, an online community like, etc).
  3. Watch the community for awhile, investigate older posts, record evidence.
  4. Compare your evidence to the values and design principles of Connected Learning
  5. Create a Google Doc for your group.
  6. Draft, revise, draft, revise, draft, revise.
  7. Edit and then publish by sharing a link to your social networks using the #walkmyworld hashtag.
Resources to Help

1. Read the Executive Summary below. This  will provide background on Connected Learning. 

2. Here is an ignite talk about #connectedlearning

YouTube Video

2. The first step of writing is to read a mentor text. Use the case studies on as your guide.

3. Use the graphic organizer to help scaffold your writing. Organize your evidence.

Make sure to make a copy (File>Make a copy), rename the file and share it with the #walkmywolrd hashtag.