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(All Makes are CC By-SA)

Below are a list of ideas, extensions, or different ways of thinking about texts and identity. Teachers or participants can complete some, none, or all of these makes as a method to respond to each weekly #walk prompt. 

CC BY-SA 2.0. Susan Nillson. (2015) Walking the Dog.  Flickr

It would be impossible to complete or ask participants to do these all. Yet we want to think about how we construct our identities in digital spaces. We want to think how this act of writing ourselves into the world is changed by the affordances of new modes.

So think about this page as a menu. Choose the makes that meet your needs as a teacher or a participant. The chef loves substitutions.  Feel free to take a make and remix the idea. Have your own recipe? Great! Post a link to your page in the comment section below.

Don't be afraid of the slow food movement. Just because information moves at the speed of light does not mean we have to "hit warp speed, jump into hyperspace or even go plaid." Take your time when reading and writing the web. Make something. Hack it up. Play with meaning. Learn.

Butterfliesinthesky. (2012). Ludicrous Speed. FunnyJunk

Make. Hack. Play. Learn.

Each Make is classified as either No Tech, Lo Tech, Hi Tech.
  • No Tech-You do not need a computer. Tutorial includes paper based options.
  • Lo Tech- Defined as any tool that predominantly uses a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor.
  • Hi Tech- May require you to play with code (HTML, CSS) or requires technical skills (video streaming, editing)

Make: Customize your Twitter Page.(Lo Tech)
Add a header image, and pin a Tweet.

Learn how to create or share a blog for #walkmyworld.

Make: The web, annotated (Lo Tech, Hi Tech)

There are a variety of great web annotation tools. We can use an open source, open standards, open web tool non-profit tool to annotate the texts we share.

Make: The Bio Page (No Tech, Lo Tech, Hi Tech)

Design a biography page. If your blog is your digital front door the bio page is the landscaping. 

Make: Knowledge Nugget (No Tech, Lo Tech, Hi Tech)

Take a memorable quote from one of the texts and create and create an image that mixes the text with images and/or sounds. 

Make: Make a Meme (Lo Tech, Hi Tech)

Create a meme as a reaction to one of the texts or to a post. 

A quick tutorial on Creative Commons. If you want a maker challenge try to find and remix an image you can legally alter. If you want a coding challenge try to make an image with a license overlay.

Do you like all the quick comics that dogtrax makes? Try to use the words from a tweet or post to make a comic.  

Explore gender, identity and marketing by remixing lego commercials or hacking Barbie. 

Celebrate the words of someone in #walkmyworld by making a music video of a quote using Popcorn.

Make: Host a Hangout (Hi Tech)

Discuss a reading or host a writing hack jam using Google Hangouts on Air.

Make: Six Word Memoir (Lo Tech)

Use Zeega to make a six-word memoir about yourself.

Make: Metaphor Poem (No Tech, Lo Tech, Hi Tech)

Create a multimodal metaphor poem 

Make: Fake Facebook Page (No Tech, Lo Tech, Hi Tech)

Use a  template to create to create a bio page that reveals bias.

Hack a website to change someone's credibility.

Make: Revise Something (No Tech, Lo Tech)

Revise a piece you already submitted to #walkmyworld. Write a post about your revision process.

Make: Storify (Lo Tech, Hi Tech)

Curate all of your materials into a story.

Long Term Projects

If you are a K-12 or higher ed faculty member you may want to assign and develop one of these projects for #walkmyworld. I will be adding to these resources as #walkmyworld progresses.

Make: Analyze a Twitter Chat (Hi Tech)

Use a Google Spreadsheet to collect a database of Tweets. Then use visualization tools 

Using a #connectedlearning as an analytical lens 

Make: Record A  Peka Kucha Battle Deck (Hi Tech)

The challenge, an unknown topic and an unknown set of images.