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W. Ian O'Byrne (@wiobyrne)

W. Ian O'Byrne is an Assistant Professor of Educational Technologies at the University of New Haven. His research examines the literacy practices of individuals as they read, write, and communicate in online spaces. You can follow him online on Twitter (@wiobyrne), Google+ (, and at his blog (

Submitted Learning Events
Week One
- Thinking about my little poppyseed and #walkmyworld
Just beginning to figure out what I wanted to share in the project. Was motivated by my colleagues Molly Shields and Kristy Pytash.
Went back to middle school to think about one time when I got caught and needed to prove myself.

Week Three - Rugby Saves: An autobiographical trailer for week three of the #walkmyworld project
Took a look back at playing rugby and the changes that this brought about in my life.

Week Four - Hanging out with Chuck, Flavor, and Terminator X
What I learned about teaching, learning, and literacy from Public Enemy.

Week Five - From the apple of your eye: Poem and content for #walkmyworld
Thinking about my Mother, and starting to write poetry. Starting to get a bit "somber" now.

Week Six - Heaven and the Night Tide: Poem and Content for #walkmyworld
Not the poem I wanted to write, but it was in me and trying to come out. Motivated by the Hass poem for the week.

Week Seven - Muintir: An autobiographical poem for week seven of #walkmyworld
Thinking and writing about my family and friends...the most important part of my life.

Week Eight - A haiku for week eight of the #walkmyworld project
Certavi et vici. A poem, story, and image from my past. I think this story helps document several facets of my identity.

Week Nine - #walkmyworld curated content on Storify for week nine
All of my materials curated into one selection for the #walkmyworld project.

My reflection - So...who am I?

This is a tough question. I think this experiment was useful because it helped me document my identity over time. It helped me consider who I am...and more importantly who I want my son to be. My thinking is that this would be a reference point that he could look back at later in life to help figure out who I am...or was.

It might be a bit morbid, but death is a part of my life. There is a lot about my past, and my heritage that I don't know about because of death. I wish that I could have these "discussions" with people from my past to learn more about them, and take a walk in their world.

I don't think it's up to me to synthesize, and distill what I've shared over the past 8 weeks into a couple talking points. That's up to the reader to decide what all of this means. And perhaps, later in son.