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Preservice Teacher

Below are three tweets from one preservice teacher and his shared experiences about participating in #walkmyworld as a future writing teacher. The preservice teacher described himself as an avid writer, particularly of creative writing, which was something he wanted to pass along to future middle and high school students.   

Trekking through the rain with this magenta umbrella; if you desire song today just look for this fella.

Wearing a white lace dress, hair an organized mess; she kisses with Fireball soaked lips, and I'm in love.

Even knowing what the miles in front of me could be; I am still fixated on the empty seat beside me. 

When discussing his experiences with #walkmyworld, he shared: My first tweet was pretty basic, but then I was trying to make it better every time. I added my poetry to the image and played with language, grammar, and punctuation. This is a great thing for student writers to do. It's a way to get students involved and playing with language. I feel like this might be one of the challenges - just getting them involved and engaged with writing and language.  And this (#walkmyworld) might be one way to do that.