Welcome to the #WALKMYWORLD Project.

The #WalkMyWorld Project is a social media project in which we share and connect online at Twitter using one hashtag. Groups of learners across the globe are connecting and sharing for 10 weeks using the #WalkMyWorld hashtag. 

To review the 10 Learning Events for 2015, please click the TAB above for the 2015 Learning Events.

To get involved in the project, you'll need to create a Twitter account and share content online. To learn more about how and why to use Twitter, please click here.

Mapping Online and Offline Spaces

We'll be using maps and analytic tools to keep track and connect with each other as we share. To learn more about how to share your location on the project map, please click here. To view the project maps and see where others are sharing from, please click hereTo watch out network grow you can click here.

An Open Experiment

This is an open research project. You can read more about our privacy and research guidelines here. To view research conducted and shared from the 2014 version of the project, please click here

Image CC by gilad