Blackfriars Westminster


This is a piece of ambient music that can be used to soundtrack the riverside walk along the Southbank in London. It is intended that the listener will download the track on to their mp3 player, start listening on their headphones at Blackfriars Bridge then simply follow the river path. The music has been specially composed to fit exactly with the surroundings; the music will end when the listener reaches Westminster. Along the way a number of important points are marked in sound - some are specific, others are less obvious. It is hoped that the music will enhance the short journey, enabling the listener to gain a new perspective on their surroundings.

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The nearest tube station is Southwark, on the Jubilee Line. Leave the station, then walk north until you reach the river. When you reach Doggetts - a pub looking out over the water - start the track as you walk down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs turn left. ( Don't turn right and walk through the tunnel. ) You should keep to the path with the river on your right.


Patrick Baxter

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