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                                                  Memories of My Grandfather  

John Walker, on one of his trails Harper's Ferry,

West Virginia, 1989.




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 Caleb Blood Smith (President Lincolns former cabinet 


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 In the book I tell about my grandfather having his picture painted in Holland, and how the man (Martin Koblo) refused to paint him until he changed out of his uniform To see that picture click on this link


On page130 of my book it mentions a picture of my grandmother with her quilt that she made. That picture wasn't in the book but I will show you the picture here.


My grandmother made the quilt hanging behind them in this picture: the little hexagons are no larger than a nickel. She sewed each one by hand with the tiniest of stiches. She also hand-quilted every inch herself with the same tiny stitching. She gave this quilt to my mother JoAnne Walker-Long, in 1990






Picture that Linda Cook,(Margaret (Walker) and Larry's daughter) John's granddaughter drew of him on the Jenny Wiley trail. Ref. to page 46-47 in Memories of My Grandfather.







  Baker-Martin Room

This is a picture of John and Winnie Walker’s store in the 1950’s in Connersville, Indiana. Louise and Margaret Walker are John’s two youngest daughters.


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   Poem about John Walker  

Johnny Walker

A quiet and a humble man,

Who lives by principal and makes his stan'

One who lives at peace with God

And with mankind upon this sod.


Seeing that this world is fair,

Created by him who reigns up there.

That man should love and be as a brother,

As our lodge should treat each other.


Here is on that likes the tree,

The flower and mountain or raging sea.

One who knows God made it all--

And walks with him, lest he fall.


Johnny loves the mountain trail

And walks in sun or freezing hail

Along  the high and windy ledges,

or through the leafy, flowering hedges.


He's hiked the Appalachian Range,

And  seen the beauty and wonder strange

Of the hand  of "the greatest architect  of all"

That spoke into being this terrestrial ball.


He loves the creation which God has given,

From sun drenched peak to clear streams driven

But his fellow man--"the master stroke"

Johnny loves the most--if rich or broke.


Harry Truman, a fellow  brother.

Set the example as did no other.

Johnny saw a natural leader

and followed  him as an avid reader.


His books and articles and political notes

walker collected and complied the votes.

Now our country sees this, his friend,

"As one of the greatest"--the war to end.


Johnny serves as Master here

and like "ol Harry our ship did steer.

Along with the knowledge and example rare,

He led the lodge to do it's share.


Yes, Johnny speaks in softened tone

To Masonic Men who stand  alone

For what is right and good and kind

And all who seek that light to find.


Let each of us that"meet on the square"

Be ready and willing like "Walker" to share--

Of that which God has given to you.

Be that which you give a few.


Written for Johnny Walker by Dale Benedict

a brother from Kilwinng Lodge # 356 F&AM

Cincinnati,Ohio May 12, 1985



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John Walker's WWII medals 

Other stories and pictures

of John Walker (type in Caleb Blood Smith) scroll down

to search for body. Here is the link for that

 Herald Times (


My daughter, Jennifer and I wrote and contributed the story of John Walker’s

life in WWII- A Time for Heroes, and it’s found on line

at at this link -


John Walker is on page 77-79 This book was completed

under the instruction of Jeffrey Rudkin, a teacher at Batchelor

Middle School in Bloomington, Indiana.


 Cynthia Long- Clarke has entered her grandfather in the Library of

Congress, American Folk life Center, Veterans History Project

type in, Johnny Waynefield Walker, III (you may find two on


Cynthia has also entered his name online at the WWII Memorial. but you can find him at the link below


Type in Walker under search registry, and

make sure you have entered Hazard, KY

Recent Submissions about John Walker to Kentucky Explorer,



73rd Wedding Anniversary of John & Winnie,

More pictures of the Walker Farm Below. I'm always adding and changing things around.

Walkers of Eastern Kentucky

On 8 August, 2007

September 2007, WFYI stories of WWII

John Walker-the Walker-


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Original letters (Not transcribed) can be found at