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Linked Problems: Health and Transportation

Frankfort is one of the many communities across the country facing two major challenges: a health crisis and growing transportation problems.

  • We've got an obesity epidemic that spans all age groups, and health care costs are skyrocketing.
  • Many parts of Frankfort are built on the assumption that even short trips will be made by car, but cars are getting more and more expensive to own and operate, and not everybody can drive. 
  • Speeding vehicles and busy intersections often make it unsafe for us to walk or bicycle. 
We can prevent many health problems simply by being more active. It doesn't take a lot: regular daily activity of even 1/2-hour for adults is enough to make big differences. This is what the public health people call "active living." The best way for most of us to stay active, they say, is to take a daily walk or bike ride.