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  • Membership renews automatically with each calendar year.  (Members must contact WalkBike Frankfort to unsubscribe from mailing lists and resign.)  

    Supporting Membership*

    • Advocate ($25 Donation) 

    Business*, Non-Profits, and Event Sponsors

    • Business 
      • Carbon Level = $250 Donation (or in-kind donation)
      • Titanium Level = $500 Donation (or in-kind donation)
    • Non-Profit Community/Civic Group
      • Free with reciprocity
    • Event Sponsor
      • Varies according to nature of event

    *All supporting and business memberships are renewed annually and will be recognized on our Wall of Fame.   Make your donation via our Supporting Donations page.

    Note:  Those who elect these levels during our inaugural year of the new membership model (2014) will continue to be recognized through the end of 2015. 

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    To join WalkBike, follow these three easy steps:
    1. Determine your membership level
    2. Supporting and Business Memberships:  Make your donation via our Supporting Donations page.
    3. Complete the membership form.
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