chapter 4 Jumbo

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Figure 4-57 Test glide of the jumbo with the left elevon up higher than the right elevon;
the jumbo turns to the left:

Figure 4-58 The jumbo gliding without help from the paddle:

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Figure 4-59 Sustaining the glider with the paddle

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Figure 4-61 Turning the jumbo by moving the paddle to the outside of the turn:

Figure 4-62 Jumbo executing an S-turn maneuver:

Figure 4-63 Jumbo executing a 180-degree turn in an area of 11-by-14 meters
(35-by-46 ft.):

Figure 4-64 Jumbo executing a right turn; because the left wing must be lifted, it
experiences increased drag, which makes the glider fly sideways to the right at the
beginning of a turn: