DEADLINE: Jan 1st, 2019. 


1.  You may submit up to fifteen pages total in the poetry category. This can consist of anywhere between one and five poems.

2. The document should be 12 point font, double spaced. Please include the title of your piece  in the body of the document, but do not include your name, as Walkabout practices blinded submissions.

3. Submit your file as a Word Document. Do NOT submit image files. If you are concerned about preserving the formatting or spacing of your piece, you may submit a PDF.

4.  Only submit  one   poem per document.  We will discard any submissions with multiple pieces in a single document.  If you have concerns about poems that are meant to  be in a series, please contact us.


If you are an undergraduate at the University of Colorado, head  over to   BuffConnect  (  and search for Walkabout Creative Arts Journal.  Under our page, go to the "Forms" tab, and you should  see forms for each submission category.  Go fill out your contact info and upload your files according to the criteria listed! 

You may submit to more than one category. If you submit to more than one category, submit each piece separately through the appropriate submission form in accordance with the category you are submitting to. 

 Simultaneous submissions to other publications are allowed. If you work is selected for publication elsewhere,   you are responsible for notifying Walkabout and withdrawing your work from consideration.

Only undergraduate students at CU Boulder may submit creative work for publication. We do not publish essays or other academic writing.

Send your submissions by 11:59pm on the submission deadline.