Ray Bradbury once said: "Life is trying things to see if they work."   So whether you are a creative writing major who scribbles poetry in a yellow notebook between classes, an engineering student with an uncanny aptitude for ceramics, or a pre-law student trying to write a short story for the first time, we believe that you are creative and that your work is worthwhile. Try taking a walk on the creative side, and send us what you find!

Walkabout accepts  submissions year-round  on a rolling basis, with submission deadlines for the annual issue typically falling in December.  Please note that only undergraduate students attending The University of Colorado Boulder are eligible to submit  their work for publication.  



This year, we're doing something a little bit different.  We want you to  log into BuffConnect and upload your submissions there.  Log into the portal with your identikey and search Walkabout.  On our page, under the "Forms" tab, you should see 3 separate places to submit.  One for each category - POETRY, PROSE  and ART.   The criteria for each category is also conveniently posted in the forms, so please make sure to follow those if you wish to be considered! 

DO NOT EMAIL YOUR SUBMISSIONS TO US.  Emailed submissions will NOT be considered for publication. 


Walkabout collects submissions in the fall semester, reviews them over winter break, and announces pieces selected for publication in the spring. Our submission review process is anonymous, so no members of the editorial board will know who the creators of submissions are until final choices are made. This process has been created to ensure that we review submissions as fairly as possible.

We value each submission we receive, so every single piece is carefully read and considered by all  members of the editorial board. If you do not hear back about the status of your submission as quickly as you would like, please be patient! We will send you a notification of your submission status to the email that you provide when submitting your work, but we will only send out notifications after we know the final status of all our submissions.