Interested in becoming part of the Walkabout editorial board? This page has everything you need to know about the structure of the team and the roles of each member. Current available positions are listed on the  home page of the Join tab. Read the position descriptions below before applying.


The Co-Editors in Chief are in charge of the administration of Walkabout .  They manage the Walkabout email account (, make sure any website domain is current, run meetings, secure funding, coordinate Walkabout Creative Arts Journal's Student Organization status with the CU Boulder Center for Student Involvement (CSI), and act as signers for the organization.  The co-editors also assemble the Walkabout team, through establishing necessary and current position descriptions, new hires, and organization.   The Co-Editors are also responsible for blinding, organizing and disseminating submissions to the journal, and defer to the editors to make submission publication decisions, and write the "Letters from the Editors" featured in every issue of the journal in summary of Walkabout's yearly progress. 


The Student Organization Liaison for Walkabout Creative Arts Journal is a new position this year, and one we are excited about.  The Student Organization Liaison will help Walkabout better collaborate with other student groups on campus, and increase cross-campus and community communication with potential Walkabout partnership.  If you are interested in marketing, campus dialogue, student groups and events, this is the position for you. 


The Social Media Lead will manage Walkabout's social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc).  Walkabout is happy to hire this Lead editor, or have a content editor double up.  Interested in social, marketing and brand identity?  Join our team in this important role! 


Managing Editor is the perfect position for the Type A, super organized person.  The Managing Editor is the spine of Walkabout, and arguably the most important member of the Walkabout team.  This is a great position for those interested in administrative and management work, and in gaining experience with what it takes to keep a creative organization  running.  The Managing Editor will act as the third CSI Signer, and be responsible for attending CSI trainings, printing, and scheduling.  Importantly, the Managing Editor will manage all Walkabout orders, and gain experience with publication through coordinating our spring publication order. 


The Layout and Graphics Editors are integral to the brand identity and overall aesthetic of Walkabout Creative Arts Journal!  Interested in graphic design and gaining experience working with the Adobe Suite?  This is the position for you.  Our Layout and Graphics Editors are responsible for the final layout of our published journal, keeping our website updated, and eye-catching marketing materials throughout the year (such as flyers and posters).  Previous experience with Illustrator and InDesign is strongly recommended.  


Prose Editor (2+)
Poetry Editor (2+) 
Fine Arts Editor(2+) 

Our  Editors make up the core of the Walkabout Board.  Our Editors are responsible for selecting pieces from our submission pool for publication in our Journal.  Each of them come with different creative areas of expertise, and tastefully analyze and select from submissions to curate a current collection of Walkabout Creative Arts Journal's published  work.  (Check for each of their collections of personal statements in the Criteria section of our submission information).  A minimum of two editors  per area of expertise is ideal for our board -- apply now!  

* Note that even though you may be a specific prose/poetry/art editor, you still may help in selecting  which pieces move on to publication.