| Ally Faller 

My name is Alana Faller, but everyone calls me Ally. I am an English (creative writing track) major, a TAM engineering major, and a business minor (yes it is a lot, no I don't know what I'm going to do with it!). I am working as a poetry and prose editor here at Walkabout, and have a lifelong passion for literature. My other interests include basically all outdoor sports (climbing, skiing, running...), but especially cycling. I firmly believe that everything you need to know in life, you can either learn from a book or a bike. Read and ride on! 

                                PROSE EDITOR | Jordyn Dale
Hey guys, I'm Jordyn! I'm a junior here at CU and am a Communications major with a minor in Creative Writing. When I'm not working or in class or working, I love reading, writing, traveling and basking in the glorious warmth of the sun (RIP to my soul in the winter). I hope to be working in book publishing and editing in the future, living in New York with a faithful dog by my side. 

PROSE EDITOR | Sami Ripley 

Hello all! I'm Sami and I'm a senior here at CU Boulder majoring in English Literature and Japanese. I love reading, writing, music, art, gaming, and collecting way too many mugs that I never use. Dogs give me life. I played the tuba all through high school and my first year of college (and am also 5'2" - let that sink in). I love reading all kinds of content, be it that cheesy love story you've been fantasizing about or an abject thriller about a man with toes for eyes that has haunted your dreams since you were five; I like it all. So, what are you doing? Pick up that pen and write your passion, no matter how weird! I'll be here to read it. 

PROSE EDITOR | Sarah Liddle
Hey everyone! My name is Sarah Liddle and I'm a junior here at CU studying in Applied Math and minoring in Creative Writing. I've loved writing ever since I was a kid, beginning in second grade when I wrote stories for my best friend about the adventures of my dog. My goal a a writer is to be some strange and impossible combination between Stephen King and Annie Dillard, and I love reading anything and everything within that spectrum. When I'm not writing or doing math, I enjoy hiking, camping, and helping out at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley.