| Jenna Beutler and Emily Volk

Hiya! I’m a junior here at CU studying Advertising and Spanish.  This is my third year at Walkabout, second as a Co-Editor in Chief.  I started as a wee freshman as an art editor, and my timing was perfect as I was co-running the organization the next year. Funny how that works out sometimes.  I enjoy photography myself; I’ve been on a bit of a film kick lately, but I’m mostly drawn to art because of my burning jealousy of the insane talent you artists have. I’m working on it. You can catch me binge watching Arrested Development for the nth time, outside enjoying the sunshine, petting dogs, or relentlessly quoting tv (mostly Spongebob if we’re being honest).  Hit me up if you ever need someone to be weird with.

Hi! My name's Emily Volk. I am currently in my third year at CU studying Evolutionary and Ecological Biology (EBIO) and Technology, Arts, and Media (TAM). I'm interested in the overlaps between science and the arts, and how technical and creative fields can better mesh and inform one another. Walkabout is a great creative outlet for me, and I am passionate about sustaining its important niche in the University of Colorado community.