ART EDITOR | Leah Ashley

Hello, I'm just your friendly neighborhood doodler! A 20-year-old sophomore transfer student from Colorado Springs and an Art Practices major at CU. People pay me to draw their characters on the internet; I love drawing facial expressions, plants, and human anatomy! Making things is a large aspect of how I survive; I put on pants in the morning just like everyone else! I just like, draw those pants and body parts on occasion.

ART EDITOR | Maddie Camilli

Hello, my name is Maddie Camilli! I am a senior at CU Boulder majoring in Studio Art and minoring in Art History. I am originally from Boulder, and my second home is Santa Fe, New Mexico. I love to create, and I enjoy many different artistic mediums from photography to ceramics to bookmaking. In my free time I also love to cook, hike, practice yoga, play the harp, and spend time with animals. In my future, I have an interest in art outreach and education because I believe art can be a powerful outlet for absolutely anyone. I am so excited to be part of the Walkabout team this year!!

ART EDITOR | David Pounds
 I'm David Pounds. I've been practicing figure drawing since somewhere before high school and have spent too much time Photoshop for my own good. Beyond that I'm a writer and a Junior. I spend most of my time doing college things like studying and homework, sometimes test taking.

ART EDITOR | Hayley Tomkiewicz

I’m Hayley, I look at your art submissions to Walkabout Creative Arts Journal, and when I’m not doing that, you might find me in the gym at the squash court. If I’m not there, I would check the library, because I like to study religion in Asia and cognitive psychology there (like in this picture). Still didn’t find me? You might try Trident, I am also there a lot, since I like to read and drink coffee.